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Top 3 Best Video Ads

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The world knows Google as the most-used search engine on the internet.

But Google is much more than that.

Although only 20 years old, Google is a giant technology powerhouse. The giant company has gone far beyond its core service of returning results to individual queries, developing 23 additional services and products.

Here are my favourite video ads produced by Google for its various services.

Google: Top 3 Best Video Ads

Parisian Love

Parisian Love was published ten years ago and illustrates Google’s main service: returning results to search queries. But the creative team behind this ad campaign took a different approach.

This ad is a great example of how to employ storytelling. It tells a love story indirectly, as mirrored by the search service.

It’s unexpected, surprising and highly engaging because it brings out emotions in the viewers.

Google Photos: Free Up Space

Life is full of wonderful moments ranging from taking selfies with your buddies to once in a lifetime opportunities like seeing Bigfoot in the forest.

When these opportunities arise, you want to capture them on your camera and make them precious memories. Isn’t it frustrating when you find you lost the moment because your photo memory storage was full?

With this video ad, it’s also about emotion, but now we are directed to the funny side of the emotions spectrum.

This video ad is a funny compilation of users’ frustrations. It showcases the Google photos app by talking about their users’ pain point: running out of storage.

#HeyGoogle, Let’s Go to the Movies

Just as Robin is Batman’s sidekick, so too Google Assistant is your faithful and trustworthy partner. Assign it a task and your world will change.

To illustrate that, Google Assistant inserts itself in a couple of iconic Hollywood movies and consequently changing their endings: Drew Barrymore doesn’t fall victim to the masked killer in Scream, astronaut Dave opens the pod bay doors when HAL 9000 goes rogue in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Stu finds out on the spot what he and the guys have been up to the night before in Hangover.

The video is smart and entertaining as its viewership of over 30 million can attest to.

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