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LinkedIn Video -
7 Content Ideas
For Video Posts

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LinkedIn video has been on the rise in 2018 and doesn’t show signs of slowing down in 2019. Now is the perfect time to get on board, particularly for B2B marketers.

Did you know?

  • Video is shared 20x more often than other types of content formats in the LinkedIn feed (LinkedIn);
  • Video campaigns are generating view rates close to 50% (LinkedIn);
  • 80% of LinkedIn videos are watched in silence (LinkedIn);
  • The optimal length for LinkedIn videos is 30 to 90 seconds, with 80% of viewers saying they’re happy to watch videos of this length (LinkedIn).

If your 2019 content strategy includes LinkedIn videos, here are 7 content ideas you can put into practice right now:

1. Industry Insights

Use video on LinkedIn to share insights and offer value to your followers:

2. Trending News

Write news from your industry in the form of videos – they are much easier to consume and have a greater impact on the viewer than written articles.

3. Webinar Event Promo

To create buzz and raise awareness of your potential webinar participants, prepare a short video of 60 seconds max; talk about the topic of your webinar, who is it dedicated to and tell a few words about your webinar guest.

4. Personal insights

LinkedIn video is about building your personal brand. It is a great way of allowing people to connect with you and build a personal rapport.

5. Tips and Tricks to Help Your LinkedIn connections

LinkedIn is an amazing lead generator. To get business leads, post videos of yourself offering free valuable insights which help your connections solve their problems.

6. Company Values

Be creative and leverage the power of video to showcase the values of your company.

7. New Launch Promo

If you have a corporate event coming up, use LinkedIn video to raise awareness and attract participants.

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