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4 brands that are using ASMR in their content marketing strategy

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If you only opened this article to find out what ASMR is, you’re kinda late to the party.

This trend has been around a while now. In fact, the word ASMR is in the top five non-branded search terms on YouTube, with 2,9 million searches monthly – according to But for some reason not many brands have used it in their advantage yet.

Short introduction about ASMR: It is an acronym for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” and its sole purpose is to relax people. ASMR is an English noun and it represents the tingling sensation on the scalp and down the back, combined with a feeling of well-being people feel when facing some specific gentle stimulus. Often, it’s a sound that triggers this sensation. Cool, ha?

It’s curious why it’s taken so much for brands to take notice that using ASMR they can promote their products to youngsters and create a positive experience. Happily, you still have time to catch the wave before all the other brands start using ASMR.

First thing that should come to your mind right now (as a marketer) is how your brand could be used for its sensory particularities. If nothing comes to mind, let me assure you IKEA did a great job using ASMR in their content marketing strategy. And they sell furniture…

Here are examples of brands who used ASMR in their content strategy!


  • IKEA – Oddly IKEA

To be honest, I learned about ASMR when this piece of content went out. I’m not at all a fan of ASMR (as a matter of fact, I dislike it), but I loved this video. And, as you can see from the comments and reactions, people also loved it. Adweek even called it one of the most satisfying ads ever.

What I find the most interesting is the targeting – this ad capitalized on a special consumption moment for a particular target: school year starts and students have to arrange their dorms. ASMR was a perfect fit here, as IKEA wanted to tell students their furniture and decoration ideas will help them relax. And the best part? It doesn’t look like an ad. It’s authentic. Watch it and see for yourself!

  • Michelob ULTRA – The Pure Experience

You might have seen this ad. It aired during the Super Bowl 2019 and it’s based on the same idea: our product makes great sounds. Some people call it “the most expensive piece of ASMR”. And perhaps it is, but it looks great.

And in the end it’s all about delivering a sensorial experience about a new product, right? The ASMR aficionados would love to have this as bumper ads instead of their usual car insurance ads. Ah, and it stars Zoe Kravitz. Enjoy!

  • Lush Cosmetics – Nighttime routine

Lush Cosmetics did a great piece of ASMR content, using one of YouTube’s queens in the field. ASMR Darling is well known for her videos and has over 2,5 million subscribers.

Lush’s strategy? Create a relaxing tutorial to rewind and get ready for bed. The whole purpose of this experiment is to walk the customer through their soothing products with a series of relaxing sounds and voices. Obviously, people loved it.

  • Zippo – People make an ASMR video for the first time

Another example of great use of the ASMR trend! Not only they caught the coolness wagon, but they also associated with the coolest media trust (BuzzFeed) and added a new layer to this, using people who had never done ASMR videos before.

What you should know about Zippo is that the brand is more entitled than others to include ASMR in its content strategy.ASMR videos with people using Zippo lighters are highly popular on YouTube. Zippo just capitalized on this hype.

Last but not least, Pringles. They used ASMR before it was cool. And I think that’s cool. Take a look!

The ASMR community is constantly growing on Youtube. It’s a trend nowadays, so there are brands who want to jump into the coolness train. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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