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Super Bowl ads we loved

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Super Bowl is definitely one of our favorite time of the year. Following this, the Cannes Lions Festival & Christmas Holidays are the ones to gather the entire office & start interesting conversations about what ads we loved and not.

We eagerly await the commercials. For most of us, Super Bowl is not about football. To be honest, only a few watch the actual game. It’s all about the ads.

According to Bloomberg News, in 2019, a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl cost around $5 million.

“CBS Corp […] is selling 30-second commercials for $5.1 million to $5.3 million, people familiar with the matter said. That’s roughly the same price as last year, when Comcast Corp.’s NBC sold them for $5.24 million, according to research firm Kantar Media.”

Some call it the Prom night of ad land. I couldn’t agree more. For me, there truly is nothing quite like the Super Bowl.

You either love it or it gets ignored

You don’t need to be an expert (we just happen to be) to express an opinion of what you love among the ads that went viral. But we gathered here the ads our agency colleagues loved. I created a Poll on our internal Facebook Group to see which of the most talked about ads from Super Bowl my colleagues loved most.

Turns out our brains & preferences are not at all the same, regardless of our expertise. We all want to be moved, but our brains work differently; some appreciate humour and love a good pun, some want to be moved and others are always expecting the disruptive element.

Here’s Brand Emotion’s top 5 ads from Super Bowl LIII

1.Stella Artois – Change Up the Usual

Stella Artois partnered with Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges to bring back their iconic characters, in a manifesto to change up their usual. The spot shows the two cocktail-loving pop culture icons sharing a beer together. But few know the commercial promotes the “Pour it Forward” campaign but Stella &, which helps bring clean water to communities around the world that have none. After all, Carrie Bradshaw might be a city girl, but that doesn’t mean she needs to drink a Cosmopolitan every time she goes out. It’s the perfect example of how a little change can do a lot of good.

Why we loved it: because it’s a great mix, it has everything! It based on a great insight, it features celebrities, and it has a nice catchphrase: Change up the usual.

2. Pepsi – More than OK

It stars Steve Carell, Lil John and Cardi B. I love how it riffs on how each of the two rappers have his own signature way of saying ”OK”. Having big names to promote the brand is not unusual for Pepsi. They’ve always delivered quality commercials (almost always, if we take a moment to forget about the Kendall Jenner ad) using Hollywood stars.

Why we loved it: because it spins your mind around the idea that Pepsi is always the second-best option. And because it’s bold. We’d love to see this kind of commercials here, in Europe.

3.  Bubly – “Can I have a bublé?”

In an attempt to show how fun sparkling water can be (as an alternative to soda), the Pepsico owned brand Bubly ran a funny ad starring Michael Bubblé. He was chosen because the word Bubly looks a lot like Bublé, which may seem first hand, but who doesn’t like a good pun?

”I might be Canadian, but I’m a big fan of American football. had a blast doing my very first Super Bowl commercial with bublé—I mean bubly. Because of our similar names, the brand and I share a special bond. I love how the cans are bold, bright, and full of personality. They’re perfect for any Super Bowl viewing partés you might be having”, said Bubblé according to

Why we loved it: because it made us laugh. And, uhm, because it’s centred around Michael Bubblé.

4. Game of Thrones X Bud Light

It looks like this is a win-win situation: Game of Thrones promoting its upcoming season at the Super Bowl with Bud Light – a brand that never misses the big event to show its newest commercials. And it seems they did a great job in hyping up fans in an effort that may be costing $20 million, according to Wall Street Journal. But it’s not just a great combo of two love brands, it’s also a smart way to point to Bud Light’s competitors (Miller Lite and Coors Light) for brewing their beer with corn syrup.

Why we loved it: because it’s funny & explores a popular debate in the USA nowadays: Beer with Corn Syrup vs. Regular Beer. Also, because it triggers a shared cultural experience for millions of GoT fans out there.

5. Pampers – Stinky Booty Duty 2.0

The spot served as the launch for Pampers’ new campaign: Love the Change.

It’s not the first year when John Legend partners with Pampers to celebrate Father’s Day. In fact, the Super Bowl ad was just a way to reignite the conversation Pampers started last summer with John Legend singing the Stinky Booty Duty song.

Why we loved it: because it’s funny, it starts a conversation around a sensitive subject – the special bond dads have with their babies. It also resonates with parents of newborns everywhere. We love how it’s educational without trying to be judgemental. Adam Levine, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are definitely a hit.

What about your favorite Super Bowl ads?

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