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E-Commerce for Dogs is the Latest Innovation in Pet Food Industry

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Brazilian pet-store Petz created the latest innovation in the pet food industry – E-commerce for dogs.

Are you fed up with buying dog toys your dog doesn’t like and doesn’t play with?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your dog could let you know what he liked?

If AI can read our face to identify our emotions, the next logical step is to teach AI to read our dog’s expressions.

Dogs have been our companions for more than 40,000 years. Humans and dogs evolved together. This collaboration turned into a fruitful partnership for both species: humans have become the dominant species on Earth and Canis Familiaris, the most successful animal with more than 150 breeds. Some experts argue that humankind wouldn’t have developed into such an advanced civilization had it not been for dogs.

As a dog tutor myself (‘dog tutor’ instead of ‘dog owner’ ) I know what it’s like to share your life with a dog, with pros and cons. It is love in its purest form which goes beyond just giving the dog shelter and food.

We take our beloved dogs into our homes, we attend to their needs, we care for them when they’re sick, we look for the best dog-food there is on the market, we buy expensive dog toys and treats, we humanize and spoil them rotten (myself guilty as charged!).

That’s why the pet food industry is one of the fastest-growing industries today and humanizing our dogs is one of the trends leading this growth.

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What is the next step in humanizing our dogs?

Allowing them to “speak” for themselves.

Well, innovators have yet to come up with a dog-to-human translator (like the high-tech collar imagined by the creators of Up).  But here’s the good news:

Brazilian pet-store Petz leveraged the power of AI technology and came up with an innovative tool – E-commerce for dogs.

The pet-store included this tool on their website where dogs assisted by their tutors can choose between the available options of toys, balls and bones.

How does E-commerce for dogs work?

The tutor places the dog’s face in front of the camera, turns the volume up, the AI tool detects which product piques the dog’s interest and adds it to the shopping cart. The tutor then pays for the purchase.

Brazil is in the top three countries leading the pet food industry growth so it’s not a coincidence that this campaign is developed by a Brazilian pet-store.

E-commerce for pets is a great way to bring tutors and dogs closer together, to attract new customers and improve their shopping experience.

Or as dogs say: Woof! woof!

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