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How Can Brands Influence on YouTube? Find out @ DIGITALIUM 2019

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What does it take for your brand to influence on YouTube?

Come to DIGITALIUM 2019 to learn from our YouTube expert Derral Eves!

Table of contents:

  • How to know if your brand needs to be on YouTube
  • Is vlogging still relevant for brands in 2020?
  • 7 most popular types of YouTube videos
  • What does it take for brands to influence on YouTube?
  • 3 brands winning on YouTube


Derral Eves @DIGITALIUM 2019 – YouTube Superstars

Derral Eves has been on YouTube ever since its launch in 2005.

With 14 years worth of experience, he is a highly respected video marketing strategist. He has grown his own YouTube channel to be the largest “How To” channel in the world.

Even further, Derral has broken not one but two world records; the first in 2014 being the largest YouTube collaboration for a video ever and the second shattering the record for the most crowdfunded Television/ Movie project of all time.

Derral helped over 21 channels go from zero to over a million subscribers each, generating over 38 billion video views and counting. He was the executive producer on several viral video campaigns, including Squatty Potty’s ice cream pooping unicorn ad.

As CEO of Creatus and founder of VidSummit, Derral has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, FORBES, and featured in Forbes as #4 on the list of “20 Must Watch YouTube Channels That Will Change Your Business”.

Derral Eves will speak at DIGITALIUM, in Bucharest, about YouTube Superstars.


Here’s why we believe Derral Eves’s presentation is a must-attend event you shouldn’t miss.

How do you know if your brand needs to be on YouTube or not?

Marketers today have many digital communication channels they can use to raise brand awareness, generate leads and build communities.

How can you, a marketer decide YouTube is a perfect fit for your brand?

A good starting point is taking into consideration the following YouTube stats:

  • YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world following Google;
  • Google features YouTube videos in search results at the top of the page so that’s a great SEO advantage (Google acquired YouTube back in 2006);
  • As of this year, YouTube reached the 2 billion monthly users landmark, getting closer to Facebook which is still #1 social network with 2.41 billion monthly active users as of June 2019;
  • The average age of YouTube users is 18–34 years, with 35+ and 55+ as the fastest-growing age groups;
  • Average Viewing Session: 40 minutes, up 50% y/y (


Is vlogging still relevant for brands in 2020?

YouTube has influenced the shopping behaviour of your customers.

According to the latest stats, 80% of shoppers watched a YouTube video related to purchasing at the beginning of their shopping process.

Today watching YouTube videos is the digital equivalent of window-shopping.

People turn to YouTube for:

  • early-stage ideas
  • inspiration
  • learning specific details about products and how they are used
  • how to do things.

7 Most popular types of videos on YouTube

YouTube users are 3x more likely to watch a video tutorial than reading the products’ instructions and 70% of Millennials users have watched YouTube how-to-videos in the past year to learn how to do something new (source: ThinkWithGoogle).

Wondering what type of content is suitable for your brand?

7 most popular types of videos on YouTube:

  1. Product reviews videos
  2. How-to videos
  3. Favourites/Best of
  4. Educational videos
  5. Unboxing videos
  6. Q&A videos
  7. Prank videos

How could your brand help its consumers the most?

Could it be how-to videos where you show your audience how to use your products? According to stats, people have watched 50,000 years of product reviews videos.

If education is one of your brand’s core values, producing educational videos where you support your audience to reach their goal or solve their problem might be more suitable for your brand.

Maybe Q&A videos with your brand’s experts to establish your company as a leader in its field?

digitalium-brands-influence-youtube3 (2)-min

What does it take for brands to influence on YouTube?

Do you want your brand to have a substantial impact on YouTube?

Are you looking to increase brand awareness, website traffic and generate leads?

It’s all about the message and how creatively you convey that message with video.

Here are 3 brands winning on YouTube:

  1. Pixel

Pixel connected with people on an emotional level to raise awareness on an important social issue: suicide prevention.

The campaign registered the following results:

  • 20% lift in brand awareness among viewers aged 45 to 54,
  • Google searches related to “Pixel camera” increased by 145%,
  • The click-through rate to the purchase site was 113% higher than the average of other campaigns.

    Key takeaway: connect with people on an emotional level.

2. Olay Skin Care

Olay Skin Care dug deeper into Google and YouTube data and discovered that their audience (perhaps unexpectedly) loves football and horror movies.

Its data-centred campaign told a unique and gripping story that led to tens of millions of views and a huge uptick in search interest.

Key takeaway: use your audience-related data creatively.

3. Chili’s Grill & Bar

Chilli’s Grill & Bar decided to run a digital campaign to raise awareness of its 3 for $10 deal and used YouTube’s form ads – a format optimized for lead generation – creating a sign-up form that enables viewers to submit their name and email right below a video ad. The campaign ended up generating over 7,800 form leads.

Key takeaway: use the latest YouTube ad tools

Are you looking to improve your brand’s presence on YouTube?

Did you set out to meet your brand’s marketing goals by leveraging the power of YouTube?


Come to DIGITALIUM 2019 to learn about YouTube Superstars from YouTube expert Derral Eves!

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