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Build a Top-Notch Digital Strategy! Learn how @ DIGITALIUM 2019

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Are you looking to build a top-notch digital strategy for your brand?

Come to DIGITALIUM 2019 to learn from digital strategy experts Randi Zuckerberg, Andrew Pickering & Peter Gartland.


  • The reason why digital strategies don’t work anymore
  • Creative ways and tools brands can use to deliver their message and be heard
  • 7 to-dos to create impactful communication strategies
Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg @ DIGITALIUM 2019 – The Power of Social Media

Randi Zuckerberg has been with Facebook from the very beginning, running the company’s Marketing Department for over six years.

She is now the founder & CEO of Zuckerberg Media, developing technology, content, and organizing live events with the mission of putting intelligent, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial women at the centre of pop culture and media.
Randi has an online community of over 1.300.000 people who follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Peter Gartland
Andrew Pickering

Andrew Pickering & Peter Gartland @ DIGITALIUM 2019 – How to be remarkable: The unusual yet proven path to marketing success

Andrew and Peter run ATOMIC, the UK’s leading content marketing membership community.

The dynamic duo loves to help solopreneurs get insanely fast results. They also love to get creative with bigger companies and have worked with many large brands like Xero, HubSpot, Rev, AgoraPulse and Fortune 100 companies like Citi Group.

Their YouTube show Marketing Unboringed delivers a mix of useful information on content marketing and social media marketing for business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

Andrew and Peter have been awarded the ‘Digital and Social Media Company of the Year Award‘, and ‘Business Personality of the Year’.

We believe you shouldn’t miss Randi Zuckerberg’s or Andrew & Peter’s presentation at DIGITALIUM 2019.

Read on to learn why.

Why some brands are unsuccessful in their digital strategies

Latest statistics show that marketing campaigns have been delivering fewer results in the past years.

According to IPA Databank report, ‘Media in Focus – Marketing effectiveness in the digital era’, campaign effectiveness has been decreasing starting with 2012.


Les Binet, marketing effectiveness expert and co-author of the above-mentioned report has identified the following reason for campaign effectiveness taking a dive in the past years:

Brands running too many sales activation-based campaigns to the detriment of brand building activities.

Digital strategies don’t work for those companies that fail to understand digital is a different medium than traditional marketing and advertising from the old days.

5 reasons why digital strategies don’t work for some companies:

  1. They measure the wrong metrics. It’s not clicks and impressions anymore, it’s conversions and ROI. (How to prove social media ROI to your manager)
  2. They buy email lists. That’s unacceptable today.
  3. They post their TV ads on their social channels. That’s lazy and gets people annoyed because customers expect creativity on brand social channels.
  4. They talk about themselves. That gets people irritated because customers expect content which answers the question WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?). The rule of thumb for content is 20% PR/brand-focused and 80% customer-focused.
  5. They don’t know their customers. Starting with the words you use in your copy to the vibe of your videos and images, customers can tell whether or not your brand has taken the time to get to know them on a deep level: their needs, their pain points, their goals and aspirations. Use any tools you are comfortable with to get relevant insights on your customers: heatmaps, buyer personas, Google Analytics, customer journeys, chatbots.

Case study: Ella’s Kitchen

Ella’s Kitchen, the baby foods provider created an eCRM and content platform to support parents at different stages in the stressful weaning cycle of their child. Through the platform, the company would recruit and retain parents of weaning babies by sending them a welcome pack and emails tailored to their needs.


  • 40% of all UK parents with weaning babies signed-up to the content platform;
  • £12.5m in new sales;
  • growth of 28.3% in under three years

Source: IPA

Creative ways and tools brands can use to deliver their message and be heard:

Facebook groups

At the 2018 Dev Conference, Mark Zuckerberg said: “Groups are at the heart of the experience.” Learn how to build a successful Facebook group for your brand.


Leverage the power of AI to seek out the behaviours, passions and need states of your customers.


1.5 billion people use the messaging app every month and 5 million businesses use WhatsApp Business to support their customers.

Here’s how one insurance provider used the messaging app to increase lead conversions: Ukshona Kwelanga case study from Ukshona Kwelanga on Vimeo.

Augmented Reality

Wine label 19 Crimes used AR to tell the story of its lineup wines:

7 to-dos to create impactful communication strategies

  1. Always-on or once a year campaigns? The digital environment changed the customers’ behaviour from traditional to on-demand which resulted in brands creating always-on marketing campaigns.
  2. Understand the role new touchpoints (where customers come into contact with your brand) have in the consumer decision-making process;
  3. Decide which channel yields maximum influence on the consumer decision journey;
  4. Discover which format does your audience prefer: photos, videos, blog posts etc;
  5. Dig deeper into data. ThinkWithGoogle reveals many interesting and relevant insights on culture and trends, consumer behaviour, shopping trends, industry benchmarks etc.
  6. We know customers make buying decisions based on emotions rather than reason. Find which emotion drives your customers and build your campaigns around it. These 3 brands have leveraged nostalgia in their 2018 marketing campaigns.
  7. The latest reports state that customers expect brands to make the world a better place. 87% of consumers said they’d purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about. Having a purpose helps brands connect with customers, build communities, increase sales and brand awareness.

Come to DIGITALIUM to learn how to build a top-notch digital strategy from experts Randi Zuckerberg, Andrew Pickering and Peter Gartland!

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