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Digital Roundup #1 – News, Insights, Statistics, Guides

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Digital Roundup is a monthly edition of the most relevant news on social media, fresh insights, marketing statistics and guides that every successful marketer needs.

Social media news & updates

Facebook: a new simplified privacy model for Groups, Off-Facebook Activity and Threads

To better match people’s expectations and help provide more clarity, Facebook has rolled out a new simplified privacy model for Groups — public and private.


Also, Facebook introduced a new way to view and control your off-Facebook activity – the Off-Facebook Activity feature.

Off-Facebook Activity lets you see a summary of the apps and websites that send us information about your activity, and clear this information from your account if you want to. 

If you clear your off-Facebook activity, Facebook will remove your identifying information from the data that apps and websites choose to send them.


‘We won’t know which websites you visited or what you did there, and we won’t use any of the data you disconnect to target ads to you on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger. We expect this could have some impact on our business, but we believe giving people control over their data is more important.’

Facebook is reportedly preparing to take on Snapchat yet again, with a new app built on top of Instagram to facilitate ever more intimate sharing of information between close friends.

The new app is called Threads and builds on the “Close Friends” feature introduced in Instagram last year. This feature allows users to specify a subset of their followers with whom they are comfortable sharing more private posts and stories.

TikTok: launching an audience network

TikTok is following Snap and Facebook by launching an audience network, meaning it wants to make more money from advertising that appears on other apps. TikTok is mainly used by teens and pre-teens and allows users to create and share short videos, and has 500 million active monthly users.

Snapchat: 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide

Summer is over and the holiday season is upon us. To help businesses reach their audiences, Snapchat released Snapchat 2019 Holiday Marketing Guide Insights and Tips for Making an Impact on Snapchat this Holiday Season.


YouTube Music partners with Waze

YouTube Music now integrates with Waze for a better travelling experience. YouTube Premium and Music Premium subscribers can safely listen to their favourite music from directly within the Waze app, where they get their directions.


LinkedIn: fighting fake accounts, the 10 most followed pages, partnership with Microsoft Advertising, LinkedIn Insights and Research

LinkedIn has begun its own battle with fake accounts. The 645 million user platform announced it took action on 21.6 million fake accounts.

Are you looking to improve your company’s LinkedIn page performance? Take a cue from the 10 most followed pages on LinkedIn.

To help businesses drive demand on LinkedIn, Microsoft Advertising and LinkedIn Advertising launched the following guide for marketers: “The Dynamic Duo: How to Leverage Microsoft and LinkedIn to Drive Demand. 

The professional network unveiled a new resource for marketers: the LinkedIn Insights and Research page. This new feature provides marketers with guidelines and insights on audiences, industry verticals and the  LinkedIn ad landscape.

Goole restarts #AskGoogleWebmasters

Do you have a question for Google? Who doesn’t?

Google announced they have re-started shooting #AskGoogleWebmasters, a video series where Google analysts answer questions from site-owners, developers and webmasters.

MailChimp launched MailChimp Presents, an original video series

Although MailChimp started out as an email provider, it slowly expanded to a full marketing platform.

The 11 million user platform recently launched MailChimp Presents, an original short-form video series created with entrepreneurs in mind.

Insights published in August

Travellers spent 6.5 billion hours in travel apps

During summer months (May – July 2019), travel apps reached new heights with a 45% worldwide growth in time-spent compared to two summers prior.

Travellers spent a staggering 6.5 billion hours in travel apps which shows they are increasingly reliant on mobile as their go-to touchpoint throughout their travel journey.

Top 3 most annoying ads

Which types of ads annoy consumers most? The top 3 of the most annoying ads are autoplay video ads with and without sound and audio ads on music streaming services or podcasts.


A quick machine learning guide for marketers

As consumer expectations grow for more personalized, relevant, and assistive experiences, machine learning is becoming an invaluable tool to help meet those demands. This guide helps marketers optimize their machine learning marketing efforts.

Stay tuned for Digital Roundup #2, the September edition!

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