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Are you coming to DIGITALIUM? Then this is what all attendees need to know!

We want you to have the best experience at DIGITALIUM. To this end, we have prepared a FAQ for you to check before joining our event. You can find here answers to every question you may have from picking up your conference badge to food and security checks.

If we’ve missed anything, send us an e-mail at

We’re glad you’ll be joining us and get ready for an amazing and life-changing experience!




DIGITALIUM joins BRAND MINDS as the latest premium event of BRAND EMOTION.

As a digital marketing conference, DIGITALIUM is dedicated to brand builders, marketing managers, digital strategists, vloggers and digital freaks in Central and Eastern Europe.

2. When is DIGITALIUM taking place?

DIGITALIUM takes place on 7 October 2019.

3. Where is the conference held?

The event is held at the FACE Convention Center, Bucharest (Piața Presei Libere 3-5, Bucharest, Romania).

Please take in consideration that there is no parking lot at the venue.

4. How do I get to the FACE Convention Center?

From the Airport:

The center is located just 12 km away from Henri Coanda International Airport. There is a 15 minutes car ride. You can take either a taxi or an UBER for less than 10 euros. If you decide to ride the bus, take #783 or #780 for 11 stops and a 40-minute ride. From the last stop to the FACE Convention Center there’s a 12-minute walk (900 m).

From the Train Station:

There is a 16 minutes car ride. You can take either a taxi or an UBER for approx. 3-5 euros. If you decide to ride the bus, take #780 for 7 stops and a 26-minute ride. From the last stop to the FACE Convention Center there’s a 10-minute walk (500 m).



1.When does REGISTRATION start?

Registration begins at 7:30 AM.  We encourage  you to come early to avoid the crowd! The program starts at 9:30 AM.

*Please keep in mind that​ the badge and the bracelet for the event can be picked up only by the person who is attending the event.

*Due to security reasons, wearing the bracelet that will be given to you by the organizers at the registration process is mandatory.

*The bracelet has to be worn starting with registration and until the end of the event and is only valid if the participant also has the badge.

2. Can I RESELL my DIGITALIUM ticket?

You cannot sell your DIGITALIUM ticket. Doing so will result in a void ticket and the ticket holder will not be allowed at the event. You can, however, transfer it to another guest.

3. What DOCUMENTS & ITEMS should I take with me to the conference?

We suggest that you bring your ticket, ID, and business cards with you, as well as anything else that would help you make the most of your time at the conference.

Chargers are hard to come by, so a power bank to charge your phone or a tablet would also be useful!

4. Can I ATTEND the event without my conference badge?

No, for security reasons, only guests with valid conference badges will be allowed into the conference hall.

For this reason, you are required to take good care of your conference badge and keep it with you for the duration of the event.

5. Where can I collect my CONFERENCE BADGE?

To join the event, all attendees will collect their conference badges upon arrival from our check-in desks located at the entrance of our conference venue.

*Please keep in mind that​ the badge and the bracelet for the event can be picked up only by the person who is attending the event.

*Due to security reasons, it is mandatory that you wear the bracelet received from the organizers at registration.

*The bracelet has to be worn starting with registration and until the end of the event and is only valid if the participant has also the badge.

6. I LOST my ticket. Can I still attend the conference?

Yes. Make sure you have checked your email for your ticket. You will have received it by email from us.

If you still can’t find it, ask one of our Customer Service representatives for assistance by emailing us at

If we have the correct attendee information in our database, you’ll be able to collect your conference badge with your ID.

7. Where do I NEED my ticket?

You need to show your ticket (and your ID) to our Customer Service representatives at the check-in desks. This will let you collect your conference badge.

8. What is VAT?

The VAT added to each order works in compliance with the laws of the country in which the event takes place. For example, a ticket to DIGITALIUM will be subject to Romanian VAT.

9. I am on the WAITING LIST. What does that mean?

If you’re on our Waiting List, it means that the ticket(s) you were trying to purchase are currently sold out.

If any tickets in your chosen category become available, we will process your request and send you an order confirmation and invoice accordingly. The price of your ticket will match the price at the time you’ve joined the waiting list.

10. How can I CANCEL my purchase?

Tickets are non-refundable. They can, however, be transferred to another name. (Check Ticketing and Registration, Question #2).

If the ticket wasn’t paid in the specified time, the booking request will be deleted from the system by default.

11. Where can I find my TICKET?

We deliver the tickets by email to the address associated with the purchase.
Please have your ticket ready to show to our Customer Service representatives at the check-in desks on the event’s day.

We accept both: PDF tickets on your phone (recommended) and printed tickets.

12. What are the differences between tickets categories?

We have 2 ticket categories:

REGULAR – Access to all keynote speeches, business networking possibility, coffee and lunch breaks;

VIP– Access to all keynote speeches, VIP seating, business networking possibility, coffee breaks, VIP lunch, VIP Afterparty, a photo opportunity with the speakers.

13. Can I UPGRADE my pass?

Depending on the availability, you can apply for a ticket UPGRADE.

Send us an e-mail at with the following subject: Pass Upgrade Request @YourName.

14. Can I TRANSFER my pass to someone else?

All PASSES can be transferred to another person as long as the request is made with at least 10 days before the event.

If you plan on transferring your PASS to somebody else, please e-mail us at with the e-mail subject: Pass Transfer Request @YourName.

15. What are the PAYMENT METHODS?

You have 3 payment methods available to pay for your tickets order: by CREDIT CARD, through BANK TRANSFER and via PAY-PAL.

You will receive further details about each of the methods after applying for one or the other.



1.What is the DRESS CODE for DIGITALIUM?

Business Casual dress code is required. Please make sure you have a coat/sweater at you, because the temperature in the conference room may vary.




The V.I.P. Pass is offering you the chance to meet your favourite speakers in person since they might be attending the V.I.P. After Party. Don’t miss your chance to network with your favourite mentor!

2. What are the CHANNELS to NETWORK at the conference?

The GENERAL PASS is offering the opportunity to connect with other attendants by live contact during the coffee breaks & lunch.

If you’ve got the V.I.P. PASS, you get two more options: the V.I.P. Lunch and the V.I.P. After Party. The last two also offer the attendants the chance to network with the speakers.



1.Can I bring a small BAG or a BACKPACK?

You can bring only a backpack. Due to security matters, we cannot store luggage that is bigger than a basic backpack.

Also, please keep in mind that unattended luggage will be removed by security agents. Please do not leave your luggage unattended.

2. Will there be MEDICAL SERVICES for emergency situations?

An ambulance will be provided throughout the event. In case you need medical attention, please contact our approved staff.

3. Will there be a SECURITY CHECK?

Yes! All attendants and their packages must go through a security check at their arrival.

To ensure a safe and special experience for our guests, everyone must wear the access bracelet at all times. The badges and all other accessories become null and void if modified.

4. Are there any FORBIDDEN OBJECTS?

– Professional Camcorders and recorders are prohibited in the Conference room.
– Weapons of any kind or objects that can be considered weapons, including toys;
– Tripods for cameras or sticks for making selfie (hands camera extensions for mobile devices are forbidden as well);
– Refrigerated bags or rucksacks larger than 22 inches x 15 inches x width 18 cm high (54 cm x 38 cm x 46 cm);
– Pets or other animals, except for approved animals accompanying people with disabilities, who must remain in the leash and always near their owner;
– Recreation devices such as drones, remote control toys or any other wheel devices other than a briefcase or a briefcase mobility device for the persons with disabilities;
– Glass objects;
– Alcoholic beverages;
– Food and hot drinks;
– Any other articles we identify as harmful or may create a diversion.


1.Why was the LINEUP / SCHEDULE changed?

This could be due to a few reasons. For example, if a speaker is unable to participate due to a medical emergency, we might have to change the schedule.

Although rare, we reserve the right to make changes to our event schedule and lineup.

Individual changes are not a valid justification for cancelling your ticket for a refund.


2. Where can I find the CONFERENCE PROGRAM?

The latest updates are on



1.I am interested in getting a PRESS PASS for the conference. Who do I contact?

If you would like to media-cover DIGITALIUM, please e-mail us at with at least one month before the event.

We cannot ensure, however, that you will receive press accreditation if the event is sold-out and since the media collaboration proposals are subject to the company’s selection criteria.

2. I am interested in becoming a partner at this event. Who do I contact?

For partnership queries please send us an e-mail at


1.Where can I find the TERMS & CONDITIONS?

You can check them here.

2. Why am I receiving EMAILS from DIGITALIUM?

You are receiving emails from us because you have purchased a ticket and/or have subscribed to our newsletter.

Our emails usually contain information relevant to our events, important updates that we want you to know about, or news about our company.

We value your privacy and will not distribute your email address to third parties without your consent.

3. Why haven’t I received any emails with the event’s INFORMATION?

If you purchased a ticket, we have your contact information and you should be receiving emails from us.

Check your spam filter to see if you have missed our emails. If you have not received anything, please e-mail us at



1.Will there be any FOOD & BEVERAGE at the event?

Throughout the conference, there will be breaks when food and beverage will be available.

Although, please keep in mind that food can contain allergens and we are not responsible for related situations. Do contact our staff if you have food allergies.

2. Can I BRING food & beverage at the event?

No outside food or drinks are allowed at the event.

Water and coffee/tea will be available during the event.

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