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3 Real-Time Marketing Campaigns: ROM, IKEA and Shutterstock

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Are you looking to create real-time marketing campaigns?

Here are 3 real-time marketing campaigns to inspire you:

1. Romanian chocolate bar ROM and Elon Musk’s tweet – Meme for Romania

On August 23, Tesla announced the next European countries where Model 3 would be available for orders: Poland, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia.

Two weeks later, probably after doing a quick search on Romania, Elon Musk tweets his surprise on discovering that the Romanian flag colours are the same as the colours in the Chadian flag.

Actually the colours are not identical: the blue is slightly darker in the Chadian flag.

Elon’s tweet gave rise to a slew of comments, likes and retweets. And many memes.

Launched in 1964, ROM was the first chocolate bar to enter the Romanian market. Although 55 years old, ROM survived through political turmoil and corporate changes. Following a rebranding process, ROM is going strong today and looks to the future by crafting campaigns for the young generations with irony and lots of humour.

Following Elon’s tweet, ROM launched Meme for Romania, a microsite encouraging people to discover similarities between Romania and other countries and make memes which they can share on social media.

It’s ROM’s way of helping others discover Romania.


I reached out to Gabriela Munteanu, Marketing & Trade Marketing Director at Kandia and here is what she told me about this campaign:

ROM immediately saw the challenge and the opportunity to promote Romania in the world when her name has been brought to everyone’s attention with a simple tweet

That’s why we launched Meme for Romania, a way to appeal to Romanians’ national pride and call upon them once again to unite for a common purpose: show Romania to the world. 

Our site provides visitors with a meme-generating tool which they can use to create their own memes. Here you can find many memes showing similarities between Romania and the rest of the world from traditional food recipes to beliefs and customs. 

Dear Romanians, let’s unite to make Romania famous on the world wide web meme by meme!

2. Apple and IKEA’s grater cheese

At the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced a brand new Mac Pro.

Starting at $5,999, the new Mac Pro is powerful. It can be configured with a workstation-class Xeon processor with 28 cores, up to 1.5TB of high-performance memory, eight PCIe expansion slots and the world’s most powerful graphics card.

But no matter how powerful the tech inside the Mac Pro is, we cannot help feeling its design does the product a disservice.

To put it plainly: it looks like a cheese grater.

It didn’t take long for IKEA, the king of home products design to take notice and react in its well-known style.


Here’s a fun game for the sharp-eyed among you: name three differences between these two images!

3. Shutterstock and Stranger Things

Since its launch in 2016, Netflix TV series Stranger Things won 56 awards and everyone’s hearts by perfectly combining supernatural-driven thrills and 1980s nostalgia (remember the frizzy hair and pastel-coloured clothes?).

Netflix said the series broke viewership records overall and official sources inside the giant entertainment corporation announced fans will be treated to a new season in 2-3 years’ time.

Is your brand looking for ways to leverage the power of a trend or the success of another brand?

It’s called piggyback marketing and you need brand/product fit and creativity to pull it off.

Shutterstock’s latest campaign is brilliant! It’s called Strange Things and its message is simple: you can use Shutterstock to get the same eeriness of the successful tv series.

Do you plan to ride the latest trend or movement?

Share your ideas!

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