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2019 Clio Awards: 3 Winners

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Founded in 1959, the Clio Awards is an esteemed international awards competition for the creative business.

The Clio Awards celebrate high achievement in advertising, across sports, fashion, music, entertainment, and health that push boundaries and establish new precedent.

Here are 3 winners of this year’s edition.

2019 Clio Awards: 3 Winners

The New York Public Library – Insta Novels

Teachers and parents lament over the fact that less and less young people pick up a book to read.

Instead of blaming technology and ubiquitous smartphones, The New York Public Library found a way to put social media to good use.

They hacked InstaStories with Insta Novels.


  • 13K new followers in the first 24hrs
  • 140K new followers to date
  • 300K Insta Novels read and counting
  • Covered in over 700+ publications

For this creative and innovative solution, Insta Novels were awarded the Clio Grand award for design in the Digital/Mobile category.


Last year, Dunkin’ Donuts changed its name to Dunkin’ to remain relevant and fresh, says Dunkin’ COO Scott Murphy in an interview.

The company has seen consumers changing their taste profiles. The next generation is expecting different things from Dunkin’ Donuts so they knew the time to go through a transformation has arrived.

The company reached out to its present consumer base and also to consumers who haven’t returned to their stores in a while. Dropping half of their brand name was readily accepted by their consumers because they were already referring to the famous doughnut store as just Dunkin’, the consumer research revealed.

Besides the name change, this transformation included fitting their stores with state-of-the-art coffee machines, changing their creative agency and focusing on rebranding as a beverage company.

Dunkin won the Clio Gold award for design in the Brand & Corporate Identity category.


  • 3 billion media impressions
  • 30K+ social media mentions in 24hrs
  • #8 on Twitter Trends
  • The most talked-about campaign in Dunkin’s 70-year history

AeroMexico – A world without borders

We are living in a world plagued by racism. Racist attitudes lead to violence and racist minds are a threat to global peace.

But what do you do when the highest authority in a state, the President supports racism and encourages his people to do the same?

You show people the error of their beliefs with DNA testing. You show them they have something in common with their perceived enemy that they can’t change: blood.

AeroMexico has created DNA discount, a campaign which offered Americans flight discounts based on the percentage of Mexican blood running through their veins. The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get.

The brilliant campaign was awarded the Clio Grand award for public relations in the Creative Effectiveness category.


  • Millions of people in 166 countries talked about this campaign
  • 1.6 billion impressions
  • The brand’s top of mind reached record peaks of 91%
  • Historical increase of 33,7% in tickets sales from the USA to Mexico


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